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estates Maçanita

In Cima Corgo, at 100 meters of altitude in Ferrãoyou can find Quinta Nossa Senhora do Carmo. The vineyards of "Letra A" are the pure expression of the Douro Superior in Cima Corgo. With schist soils and very hot temperatures, the Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca gain great concentration and flavor.

In the village of Carlão, 550 meters above sea level, the "Vale da Barca" vineyards are undated vineyards, but the locals count that they are over 120 years old. Based on granite soils, there are more than 17 varieties of red and white grapes in the same plot, an ancestral planting.

In Baixo Corgo, 700 meters above sea level in the village of Poiares, stand the vineyards of the Maçanita white, Gouveio by Joaninha and Malvasia Fina by António. Schist soils and facing north, its a fresh region creating wines of high acidity.