Maçanita Wines

Brother & Sister making wines together 

Would you be able to work closely with your brother or sister – or would you kill each other?

António and Joana Maçanita seem to get along just fine in their mutual Douro project which goes under their last name, Maçanita. The wines are more than promising and the siblings aren’t afraid of pushing the boundaries and forcing us to leave our comfort zone; something which for example the Malvasia Fina is a proof of it.

Meet the Maçanita’s and get to know their wines!

António is today a well-known name, for his commitment in the Alentejo region and more recently for the Azores project, wines that represent some of the greatest discoveries in the last years. Stunning Arinto dos Açores, Terrantez do Pico and Verdelho.

Joana is also committed to awaken Algarve, once a very well-known region. She is consulting six wineries in the southernmost of Portugal.

Two oenologists in the family! What are the odds for that? And now brother and sister have joined forces in Douro, producing wines from the three sub-regions of the Douro Valley (Cima-Corgo, Baixo-Corgo and Douro Superior).

Some classic blends, some odd birds such as a pure Malvasia Fina on the white side and a pure Sousão among the reds. This is just a first selection of our project, wines which all deserves your attention.